The @ElBloombito Twitter Account May Be Getting a Book Deal, Iowa Writing Workshop Students to Host Mass Suicide

Rachel Figueroa-Levin, the woman behind the @ElBloombito parody account of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s poor grasp of the Spanish language (sample tweet: “Los efforts de recovero para el Irene es ongoingos. Muchos graciasos a el policia y el personas de flamo y el rangeros de park. El Overtime!”), has apparently been contacted by “several” literary agents. Presumably, to write an entire book comprised only of Mayoral spanglish. Even by the low, low standards of straight-to-Urban-Outfitters Twitter books, this seems like a terrible idea. Ay ay ay, los agents del litereros es muy loco!

The @ElBloombito Twitter Account May Be Getting a Book […]