The Party Down Movie Is Your New Arrested Development Movie

Which will come out first, do you think, if ever: Party Down: The Movie or Arrested Development: The Movie? Casts from both shows are asked about these mythical projects pretty much any time they’re interviewed at this point, and both sound like they’re in the works but could fall apart at any minute. I say let’s combine the casts and have the Party Down crew cater a Bluth family reunion. Who’s in? Someone get David Cross on the phone! I’m sure he’s not sick of fielding questions about this. Let’s get the ball rolling, people!

Anyways, here’s a new, promising-sounding quote from Ken Marino about the Party Down movie that you should bookmark now so you can come back and read it when you find out that it isn’t in fact being made, to feel really bitter about that one moment in which you had hope:

You know, Rob Thomas and Dan Etheridge and Jon Enbom have been talking about some sort of deal that’s close, where they feel pretty confident that we’re gonna do a movie now. You know, things can fall through all the time, but at this point, they’ve come out and said that it looks good. And so I feel confident to say it looks good. But that being said, anything can happen. I would love to do Party Down again. Party Down was one of the most magical, special experiences of my professional career. Also special in my personal life too. I made really good friends, and I had just a great time, and it was a great part. You know, I don’t get to play parts like Ron Donald that often, if ever.
The Party Down Movie Is Your New Arrested Development […]