?uestlove on The Roots Becoming Jimmy Fallon’s House Band

In 2007, the road was really taking a toll on us. Some people in the group have kids, and those kids weren’t newborn babies anymore; the goodbyes at the airport and the tour bus started becoming unbearable to watch. So my manager and I were always like, “If there was only a way for us to maintain the same money that we’re earning now, but stay in one place.”There are only two places in the United States that would let us do a residency that long: Vegas and Atlantic City. I don’t think any of us were ready to be like, “OK, don’t forget to try the fish sticks. Now, here’s Otto the Singing Magician!” at the Showboat in Atlantic City. Ironically, I had just got a house in Los Angeles when I met Fallon. Cut to five months later, and I’m getting rid of that house and coming back to the East Coast.

Pitchfork has a lengthy interview with ?uestlove today, and he talks briefly about The Roots becoming Fallon’s house band:Don’t you love it when things just work out?

?uestlove on The Roots Becoming Jimmy Fallon’s House […]