‘Weekend Live’ Adds Jack Mercer!

Weekend Live has officially announced four new players to be added to the cast for the upcoming season. Jack Mercer, Al Donovan, Andy DeLoach, and Olivia Peebles are to begin this coming week as the newest Weekend Live family members. Their on-screen debut will air next week.

This new talent was sourced locally this time. Mercer, Donovan, and Peebles have all performed in improv clubs in Manhattan and Brooklyn for several years. DeLoach has been running the YouTube personality “Anthony Birdaine” that just went viral last fall.

Last weekend, cast members Amanda Blum and Lacey Scott left Weekend Live after eight years with the show. The two appeared in their first episode together nearly a decade ago and shared their final episode together. Many have come to view them as a package deal, as many of their characters go hand in hand. Miles Michael has yet to announce whether he has plans to return or not. Rumors began circling last month of his retirement, but nothing has been confirmed.

Weekend Live has a variety of hosts and musicians lined up for his season. Julianne Moore, Jon Hamm, and Danny DeVito were the crowd favorites from last season.

Next week’s episode will air on Saturday with host Daniel Radcliffe and musical guest The National.

‘Weekend Live’ Adds Jack Mercer!