Adam Scott: Party Down Movie ‘90% There,’ to Shoot Next Summer

The race for the Party Down movie to go into production before the Arrested Development movie continues, with Adam Scott saying that the plan is to shoot it next summer. WHY AREN’T YOU SHOOTING IT RIGHT NOW?

We’re like 90% there, we’re hoping to do it maybe next summer, if everyone’s schedules work out and the guys get time to write a script. They have kind of a skeleton of a story worked out so we know where it’s going to go but we just have to kind of cross the t’s and dot the i’s, or something. But Starz are being super cool and they’re going to let us do it, and we’re all excited, we all want to do it.

I stand by my idea to just make one movie in which the Party Down crew caters a Bluth family event, but I guess if they want to do it this way that’s fine too. Quick, someone start an internet petition before they get too far along on these! I want to see Party Down vs. Arrested Development in theaters by summer 2013, god dammit.

Adam Scott: Party Down Movie ‘90% There,’ to Shoot […]