Comedy Central Is Going All Out for Charlie Sheen Roast, Social Media-wise

Get ready for the next level of porn star jokes in 3…2…1. After experiencing crazy Twitter success during the roast of Donald Trump, for next week’s Charlie Sheen roast Comedy Central plans to track the hashtags #SheenRoast and #CrazyTrain as part of a “digital dashboard where fans can play along, comment, interact with other participants and share with their social networks.” Mashable has a preview of what exactly that will look like once its live on the Comedy Central site; it will also include a “Charlie Cam” which will provide nonstop footage of Sheen’s nervous twitching, as well as red carpet shtuff, trending Twitterer and video clips of the roasters to be posted throughout the broadcast. The next step seems like it will be to let people somehow submit their own jokes, right? Don’t pretend you don’t have a dozen or so, sitting in a drawer since March.

Comedy Central Is Going All Out for Charlie Sheen […]