Daily Show Writer Elliott Kalan and Executive Producer Rory Albanese Fight For Andy Rooney’s 60 Minutes Job

You’ve probably heard that earlier today, 60 Minutes’ cranky grandpa Andy Rooney announced his retirement. That left his musky armchair open for someone to come and complain in, and two men have stepped up to the plate: Daily Show writer Elliott Kalan and Daily Show executive producer Rory Albanese.

First, Kalan set up a petition asking for a shot at the job, saying that while he may be young, he is also extremely curmudgeony. Then, Rory Albanese, Elliott’s boss (awkward!) set up a competing petition, saying “Yes, Elliott knows about comic books and old movies, but Rory Albanese can rant about any topic, regardless of his base of knowledge.” A strong argument!

I don’t know how this will all play out, but I do know one thing with 100% certainty: one of these two men will take over for Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes.

Daily Show Writer Elliott Kalan and Executive Producer […]