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David Lynch Opened a Nightclub in Paris

You remember this place, right?

Director David Lynch has a lot of side projects: music, Twitter, artisanal coffee. And now, he has a nightclub. Apparently, Lynch didn’t show up to the Wednesday-night opening of Paris’s Club Silencio (like in Mulholland Drive), but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t plan to be deeply involved in the members-only hangout, the interior of which he designed himself:

Everything from the toilet bowls — black on black — to the saltiness of the nuts on the bar was decided on by the master … He even created the 1950s-inspired furniture, the chairs designed to “induce and sustain a specific state of alertness and openness to the unknown.”

The space also includes a “Buddhist cocktail bar,” bijoux cinema, “dream forest” (???), and a “golden tunnel of mini-mandalas.” Lynch told L’Express he’d initially planned to bring in “gypsies from the woods” to carve the aforementioned mandalas, but Nicolas Sarkozy’s deportation of them prevented it. There was no mention of weird, searing blue lighting, but we’re sure he worked it in somewhere. [Guardian UK]

David Lynch Opened a Nightclub in Paris