Doc Brown Is Now a Pitchman for an Argentine Electronics Retailer

You might think that you saw the last of Doc Brown as he flew off in his time travelling locomotive with his new family at the end of Back to the Future Part III. Turns out that’s not the case! Everyone’s favorite lovable mad scientist apparently travelled to the year 2011 at some point, avoiding Hill Valley this time, and discovered Garbarino. He was so impressed with their selection of flat-screen TVs, cellphones and iPads that he made this commercial for them.

It’s pretty well done and relatively amusing, but it seems strange that Christopher Lloyd would be legally allowed to reappear as the character, with his signature DeLorean, in a commercial. Maybe the fact that it’s in Argentina makes things a little easier. In any case, I’d rather see this than a Back to the Future Part IV or, god forbid, a remake of the original.

Doc Brown Is Now a Pitchman for an Argentine […]