Good Morning! This Horrifying Simpsons Cosplay Will Give You Nightmares

Cosplay, in which fans of entertainment properties dress up as characters from said properties, is popular in places like Harajuku and Comic Con. People dress up like, say, Batman or Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, often spending tons of time on their costumes. It’s fun and harmless and a cool way to express fandom. This, though? This is something else. These Simpsons cosplay costumes are both really sloppily put together and incredibly unsettling. They picked not just characters, but specific frames to recreate, and the results are… well, see for yourself. But fair warning, you can’t un-see the Mr. Burns in the image below.

These were found on Reddit with pretty much no backstory; anybody have any idea where these came from? Then again, maybe it’s best if we don’t know.

Good Morning! This Horrifying Simpsons Cosplay Will […]