Give Maria Bello a New Hat with the Prime Suspect Hat-O-Matic

Prime Suspect, the adaption of the beloved Helen Mirren series, premiered on NBC last night, with Maria Bello — and her fedora — taking over the starring role. The hat, which Bello wears frequently in the pilot and appeared in the promotional images for the show as well, is very … noticeable. Over the summer, journalists teased Bello about it. She was unfazed by the razzing, saying later, “I like this idea that some people are saying ‘why the hat? What’s with the hat?’ because I think that’s who Jane is. That’s the greatest part about her is she doesn’t give a shit who likes her hat or not,” and “for me, it’s Jane Timoney.” Well, if the fedora is Jane Timoney, that raises the question: Who is Jane Timoney when she’s wearing a … sombrero? A kangol? Katy Perry’s cube hat? Ron Swanson’s tiny hat? So, in the interest of exploring all of Jane Timoney’s potential personalities, we have created the Prime Suspect Hat-O-Matic, a mix and match game that lets you toggle through various hat and scarf combinations, different from Jane’s typical accessories. Lessons to be learned: If Jane regularly wore Princess Beatrice’s famous hat instead, she would not be a homicide detective.


Give Maria Bello a New Hat