Jimmy Kimmel Says Goodbye To America’s Crazy Uncle, Uncle Frank

It’s weird and touching to see a performer as polished as a late night host start to lose it, so as you can imagine how verklempt you’re about to get watching Jimmy Kimmel’s tribute to Uncle Frank, his trusty sidekick/in-law who passed away at the end of last month. It’s also hard to not remember a man fondly after watching him accidentally hit on Kermit the Frog, chase his wife around with cow vagina-covered gloves, and educate the audience on what part of monkeys are safe for human consumption (answer: no parts of them). “I wanna say thanks to my co-workers who talked to him and visited him and picked him up 12 hours early for work,” Kimmel says, right before he and you really start crying. “He loved you. And thanks to all of you who came to the show and watched, for indulging me and letting me put my crazy uncle on television.”

Jimmy Kimmel Says Goodbye To America’s Crazy Uncle, […]