Jon Hamm: Kristen Wiig Isn’t on Board with Bridesmaids 2

Bridesmaids was an unqualified hit, bringing in about $285 million (!) at the box office worldwide and ending up one of the most critically acclaimed comedies of the summer. Naturally, within a week of its release there was already talk of a sequel. Director Paul Feig said he was on board, as did scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy. But the one key element necessary for making it happen might not be: Kristen Wiig, who wrote and starred in the movie.

Jon Hamm told E! Online that “I don’t think Kristen is going to do it,” with no further explanation. If true, that’s a pretty bold move by Wiig; Bridesmaids has launched her from SNL to movie star status, and with the original pulling in so much cash there’d be an undoubtedly sizable payday in it for her to do a sequel. But if she thinks a sequel would be unnecessary, kudos to her for sticking to her guns and turning down the easy money in order to focus on other projects. After all, just because a movie was great doesn’t mean its sequel will be great (see The Hangover Part II). Of course, this all could be hearsay and she could change her mind, so I guess we’ll see.

Jon Hamm: Kristen Wiig Isn’t on Board with Bridesmaids […]