Louis C.K. Discusses the Challenges of Televised Beheading

Stop everything you are doing including breathing and read the first installment of Louis C.K.’s walk-through of the second season of Louie. I mean, unless there’s some reason you don’t want to learn the going rate for prop heads (and if there is, what’s the matter with you?).

If the first installment of this interview is any indication, the behind-the-scenes process of making Louie is just as fascinatingly grotesque as the show itself. Here’s Louie’s description of the bum in “Bummer/Blueberries”:

To me, it was really important that his head come clean off. For really a logistical reason, which is just that if the guy’s lying there, I’m staying. Even if he looks dead, I’m gonna stick around in case there’s anything I can do, you know what I mean? But if his head comes off, he just becomes a piece of garbage…Once I got to that, it was like, “Wow, are we really going to behead a human being on the show?” So I started to put that together. We’ve gotten into a great rhythm on this show, making very difficult things happen by spending a lot of time on them and shooting them later in the season. So we shot around it. You know, they told me it was $17,000 to get a good head. So I said, “Well, let’s beat that.” And we went around it. It’s a competitive business. We found a $4,000 good head.
Louis C.K. Discusses the Challenges of Televised […]