Michael Imperioli and Adrian Pasdar Cast in Entourage 2, I Mean, 40

Doug Ellin is making a single-camera ensemble comedy pilot for HBO about four lifelong friends so obviously it’s time to play the “mapping these characters to the Entourage characters” game! (Critics of the game say that every round is kind of the same and nothing ever happens, but the theme music is great.) Michael Rapaport’s character is described as a “neurotic everyman,” so I guess that mean’s he’s E. Ed Burns will play “a father who used to work at Bear Stearns making more than $2 million a year but has now been out of work for almost a year,” so, Johnny Drama. That leaves the newly cast Michael Imperioli and Adrian Pasdar to jockey for the Vince and Turtle spots. And one of them is named Adrian, and Vince was played by an Adrien, so, boom. Done. Or, you know, maybe the show will have its own original characters that aren’t a carbon copy of the creator’s last show. That’d be bad news for my game show though.

Michael Imperioli and Adrian Pasdar Cast in Entourage […]