A Brief Discussion on Steve Martin’s Forthcoming Book of His Own Tweets

Adam: So, Steve Martin is publishing a book of his Tweets.

Hallie: What.

Adam: Haha yep.

Hallie: I am so sick of famous people and their books.

Adam: Are you saying you wont rush out to pay $19 for a book of Steve Martin’s tweets?? IT INCLUDES SOME RESPONSES FROM HIS FOLLOWERS!!!

Hallie: I mean, of course I will. Maybe someday when we live in a futuristic society where I can magically read them for free anytime i want from anywhere, things would be different.

Adam: Get your head out of the clouds, Cantor. We live in the real world, where that is a laughable impossibility.

Hallie: Damn it! At least we know steve martin is doing this so the world can benefit from his genius. Because there is no other way for us to do so.

Adam: He’s a selfless man.

Hallie: Tell me about it. We’re talking about the guy who KNEW in his heart that people wanted him to focus on his banjo career instead of his already beloved comedy

Adam: To his credit, banjo music is now at least 2% more popular than it was before he started touring with one.

Hallie: Oh wow! So what’s 2% of 0?

Adam: I’m no math professor, but I’m pretty sure it’s infinity.

Hallie: That is convincing! I wonder if they will make a movie of the book. And then a show of the movie. And then a twitter account for the characters on the show.

Adam: It will be a silent movie, in which we just see him writing Tweets on his phone.

Hallie: A silent movie with an all-banjo soundtrack.

Adam: You know, this sounded like a dumb idea at first, but now that we’ve talked through it, I think I’m on board.

Note: all proceeds from Martin’s book of Tweets will be going to charity, which is very laudable! Also, there’s some lovely banjo music out there. We’re jerks.

A Brief Discussion on Steve Martin’s Forthcoming Book […]