A Campy Week in Comedy

- We remembered the very worst syndicated sitcoms of the 90’s.

- The gang at Tabernacle Lake Community Church wants to “hang ten” with your teen.

- We saluted Rob Riggle’s time on SNL.

- We sailed down the Nile to learn about comedy in ancient Egypt.

- We reminded you why you should go watch Shutterbugs.

- CollegeHumor began pioneering the pay-per-view web comedy video.

- We thought oh-so-fondly of the lost roles of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross.

- We wondered whether factoring DVR into ratings will protect our favorite shows.

- We spoke to Conan writer Andrés du Bouchet.

- We chuckled silently at an old interview with Robert Smigel.

- We thought about our fandom at Comic Con.

- We checked in on the minds behind MTV’s animated comedies.

And on my count, your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week. One, two, a-one-two-three-four-

The Willy Wonka Kids Finally Go Into Therapy

The Real Housewives of South Boston

Aladdin’s Mistake

Child Star Psychologist with Kiernan Shipka

Vengeance Plan by Stephanie Streisand and Ed Mundy

A Campy Week in Comedy