A Wish-Fulfilling Week in Comedy

- Arrested Development is coming back! We took a tour through its possible new homes, and we checked in on its recurring characters.

- In sadder news, The Simpsons might be ending this season, and probably won’t continue for more than one season.

- We learned to diet by being depressed.

- We talked to the hard-working Nick Swardson.

- We searched for comedy in The Binding of Isaac.

- We wondered why Anna Faris isn’t in many good movies.

- We went behind the scenes of The Onion News Network.

- We wrote the definitive guide to building the ultimate black comedian.

- We remembered SNL’s Gilda Radner.

- We speculated on what an NFL lockout would’ve meant for The League.

- We spoke with stand-up Andrea Andrassy of Croatia.

- We found the lost roles of Tim Allen.

- We excavated the first appearance of The Honeymooners.

- We made a comedy Venn diagram!

As usual, here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Steamrollers: Not Just For Crushing People

Reading of the Names Broadcast

Balls! The Music Video

Elliott Kalan: Tomorrow’s Andy Rooney Today!

Seven Minutes in Heaven with Ellen DeGeneres

A Wish-Fulfilling Week in Comedy