AMC to Tackle Comedy with a New Sitcom Called How To Cheat On Your Wife

AMC, which has had boatloads of success in the original dramas game, is looking to round out its roster with some comedy. First up: How To Cheat On Your Wife, a sitcom from Rob Roy Thomas that is not a Mad Men spinoff, despite the title. The single-camera (duh, this is AMC) comedy will be about “four nice guys in flyover country dealing with middle age” who “meet the day after they are reunited at the funeral of their first dead friend.” I assume it will be different than Entourage creator Doug Ellin’s 40 due to the “nice” and “flyover country” aspects, as 40 will likely be about cocky rich guys on one of the coasts. But still: middle aged dudes are pretty hot right now.

Currently, AMC has ordered up a second presentation after the initial presentation went well, which puts this still a ways off from actually, you know, being a TV show. But still, AMC is clearly interested in lining some comedy up to replace Breaking Bad and Mad Men and I assume The Killing.

AMC to Tackle Comedy with a New Sitcom Called How To […]