Comedy’s Week

-The final Muppets trailer made us really want to see The Muppets. The red-band American Wedding trailer, less so.

-We talked to a whole slew of excellent comedians about how so many funny people are heading from NYC to LA.

-We came up with six ways that The Simpsons could rejuvenate itself in its 24th and 25th seasons.

-We looked at the very funny, no fun Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy text-based adventure game.

-We looked at the great Will Forte’s contributions to SNL.

-We reconsidered Freddy Got Fingered.

-We talked to Joe Mande about his standup and his love of tormenting celebrities on Twitter.

-We looked at David Letterman’s early HBO special that’s lost to time.

-We looked at the lost roles of Owen Wilson.

-We looked at the weirdness that is Laughter Yoga.

-We looked at Lena Dunham’s early web series, “Delusional Downtown Divas.”

-We talked to Kevin Allison about Risk! and The State.

-We reviewed Matt Besser’s new movie, Freak Dance.

And here, as usual, are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Bob Odenkirk Has an El Camino to Sell You

7 Minutes in Heaven: Jack McBrayer

Scarlett Johanson’s Nude Voicemails

Bestie by Bestie: Fleetwood Mac

Arianna Huffington Rap

Comedy’s Week