Diane Keaton Reminisces About Woody Allen’s ‘Great Body’

Did you know that underneath that tweed jacket and those layers of barely contained existential despair, Woody Allen had a torso chiseled from marble? Okay, well, probably not, but Diane Keaton’s memoir Then Again kind of implies that. Writes the Annie Hall star, “He had a great body. I was in love with him before I knew him. He was Woody Allen … He was so hip, with his thick glasses and cool suits.” Says Keaton, “Most people assumed Annie Hall was the story of our relationship. My last name is Hall. Woody and I did share a significant romance, according to me, anyway. I did want to be a singer. I was insecure, and I did grope for words. After 35 years, does anybody care?” Yeah, there’s only one thing I think we all really care about: Woody Allen’s guns. WHAT OF THE WOODY ALLEN GUN SHOW, DIANE?

Diane Keaton Reminisces About Woody Allen’s ‘Great […]