Lauryn Kahn Sells Million-Dollar Script to Her Old Boss: Adam McKay

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s production company Gary Sanchez is producing a new film, He’s F***ing Perfect, about “one woman who regularly Facebook-stalks the men her friends are dating, acting as a vetting device for them to weed out losers.” The interesting part? The script was written on spec by McKay’s assistant, Lauryn Kahn - and sold for a cool mill. (Million dollars. She didn’t sell it for the deed to a flour mill, or something.)

Kahn’s written, directed and acted in several shorts with Gary Sanchez, like this one and this one, both of which mine humor from the awkwardness of romantic encounters. It should be interesting to see her stuff in a full-length feature! It should also be interesting to see how many of us start conversation at the dinner table tonight with “See, Mom, assistants sell scripts for a million dollars all the time! I can totally make a living as a writer!” (Oh, just me? Cause I’m the only one still living with my mom? That’s fine.)

Lauryn Kahn Sells Million-Dollar Script to Her Old […]