Lord Help Us, Kevin Dillon Says There Have Been Talks of a ‘Johnny Bananas’ Entourage Spin-Off

I reported a while back on how some MTV reality “star” who goes by Johnny Bananas was planning to sue the makers of Entourage because they featured a ridiculous fake animated show called Johnny’s Bananas. That suit has now officially been filed, but it really has no chance of succeeding because it is idiotic. The real news? This gem, buried a dozen paragraphs deep in the Hollywood Reporter story on the lawsuit:

For his part, Kevin Dillon, who had the character-playing-character role of “Johnny Bananas” in Entourage, told reporters in August that neither he nor Ellin “knew anything about [Devenanzio]” when the character was created, saying the potential lawsuit was a “bummer,” partly because there was discussions of a real “Johnny Bananas” spin-off.

A real Johnny Bananas spin-off! Oh my god, I can’t even imagine. It would indeed be a huge “bummer” if this planned spin-off doesn’t happen, because it has the potential to be the most amazing trainwreck ever. Who would agree to pay for such a thing? Where would it air? Who would write for it? Would Andrew Dice Clay be involved? I have so many questions.

Lord Help Us, Kevin Dillon Says There Have Been Talks […]