NBC Buys Two More Single-Camera Comedies About Satellite Radio and the Midwest, Respectively

NBC is buying a couple more single-camera comedies, one from Weeds writer/producer Stephen Falk, and one from Chelsey Lately panelist Sarah Colonna. Falk’s show is called Satellites, and “is set in the chaotic world of satellite radio and centers around a former reluctant ’90s boy-band member and a female blogger/podcaster who co-host a relationship call-in show. They must contend not only with their loaded animosity for each other but also the insanity of working in the new world of radio — where the hip-hop station is across the hall from the gay station, which is next door to the nothing-but-windchimes station.”

Meanwhile, Colonna’s show is called Life As I Blow It, and it’ll be about “Colonna and her life in the Midwest surrounded by eccentric friends and family whose opinions and actions know no boundaries.” That is much more vague than Satellites! But hey, she’s got time. We’ll see if either of these make it to air eventually.

NBC Buys Two More Single-Camera Comedies About […]