Rob Corddry Announces Childrens Hospital Spin-Off Newsreaders

What a success story! In his A.V. Club interview today, Rob Corddry announces Childrens Hospital spin-off Newsreaders. “I might be breaking news here, but we just got Newsreaders picked up as a spinoff,” Corddry reveals. “Newsreaders is gonna be Adult Swim’s fake news show. And it’s gonna have nothing to do with Childrens, except it’s gonna hopefully star Mather [Zickel], and just be a fake news show.” A planned cop show spin-off with Nick Offerman’s character Briggs fell through, says Corddry, “So when we were shooting this season’s Newsreaders—it was the last episode we shot—I said to Jon, ‘Oh! This is a spinoff.’ He’s like, ‘You’re right.’” So hopefully Newsreaders won’t spend its first day of freedom getting wasted at a strip club. Though it almost certainly will.

Rob Corddry Announces Childrens Hospital Spin-Off […]