Steve Carell’s Magician Movie, CBS Divorce Comedy, And Eddie Murphy’s Alien Movie

Steve Carell’s new magician comedy Burt Wonderstone “is set in the world of rival Las Vegas magicians.” Jim Carrey will play a newfangled illusionist who threatens Carell and leads to a breakup with his partner Steve Buscemi; Olivia Wilde will play Carell’s former assistant and present love interest. So…best movie ever?

CBS has bought a show based on a long-running Israeli sitcom in which “a middle-aged, recently divorced couple who was bad at marriage discover they are now really bad at divorce - and can’t help but being involved in each others’ lives.” Hmm. You mean like, for example, they take driving lessons together? My predictions are coming truuuuue! HalloweEeEen!

Eddie Murphy says he’s writing a movie for the cast originally lined up for Tower Heist: him, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, Tracy Morgan, and Martin Lawrence. It is an alien abduction comedy tentatively called Jamal and Tyrell and Omar and Brick and Michael’s Wack-Ass Weekend, and I could not possibly be in stronger support of it.

Steve Carell’s Magician Movie, CBS Divorce Comedy, And […]