The Old Muppeteers Are Worried About the New Muppet Movie

Not all is groovy in Muppet land. Those in the know are doubting whether The Muppets writer Jason Segel has upheld the tradition of the early Muppets films. According to the article, “the concern among Muppets insiders is that [Jason] Segel and director James Bobin (a writer on Da Ali G Show and Flight of the Conchords) didn’t have a complete understanding of the Muppets characters or were willing to sacrifice the characters’ integrity to land a joke.” A) This is troubling, and B) who exactly are these mysterious “Muppets insiders”? And C) how can I BECOME ONE?

Turns out they’re the writers and performers from the original Muppet movies (something else mind-blowing I learned from this article: Miss Piggy is Yoda! Of course!), and they say that the real Muppets would never make a fart joke or break up because they’re jealous of Kermit’s fancy mansion, as they do in the backstory this film creates. A lot is on the line, considering The Muppets’ $40 million budget. Let’s hope these worries are just the inevitable anxieties that come with the territory of resurrecting beloved characters.

The Old Muppeteers Are Worried About the New Muppet […]