Tim Allen Is Your One Friend’s Angry Dad In Last Man Standing

Tim Allen returned on Tuesday as America’s every-man in Last Man Standing, but as Linda Holmes of NPR’s Monkey See points, Allen’s character on Standing is more like that dad who rants about gay marriage when you’re all trying to watch the Indians game. Holmes details a few of the more stroke-inducing moments of the pilot, which range from Allen laughing at the idea of his wife driving his pick-up, to Allen pulling his son out of an “unmanly” day care so he wouldn’t end up “dancing on a float.” Tim Allen then imitates a gay man dancing on a float. I sure hope they do a follow-up episode, where we travel to the future and see how Tim’s adult children can only stand to call him once a month and then rush off the phone. That being said, Standing pulled down an audience of 13 million, which is pretty solid. I guess all those angry dads still have their remotes, at least until the nation’s gay dads RIP THEM FROM THEIR COLD DEAD HANDS!

Tim Allen Is Your One Friend’s Angry Dad In Last Man […]