Tom Hanks’ New Movie, Ladies Selling Comedies, and the First Family Sitcom

So many new shows being bought and sold today! What is this, folks, the television show stock market? Wait, please don’t leave. Can we start over?

Tom Hanks is working on a half-hour comedy for HBO about college athletes called Players. With Entourage over and Curb probably winding down, it makes sense that HBO is trying to find strong new comedies.

More ladies are selling comedies too! Jennifer Crittenden and Gaby Allan sold ABC Don’t Panic, about “a group of female friends navigate the ups and downs of post-college life in New York City, all while suffering through an endless cycle of weddings and bridal showers.” It’s their second sale to ABC. Meanwhile, Cassie Pappas sold Fox Dreamhouse, which follows “a young woman who moves back home to try and keep her family together after her dad moves out of the house and into the backyard.” Hurray for women writers!

Finally, NBC has a new family comedy called 1600 Penn…because it takes place in the White House. THe pilot was created by Book of Mormon’s Josh Gad, Modern Family director Jason Winer, and Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett, who sound like the perfect trio for this particular project.

Tom Hanks’ New Movie, Ladies Selling Comedies, and the […]