Angelina Jolie Pulls a Last-Minute Blood and Honey Switcheroo

Angelina Jolie. Photo: Michael Murdock / Splash News/?

When Angelina Jolie made her directorial debut on the Bosnian war drama In the Land of Blood and Honey, she shot two versions simultaneously: One in English, and one in the native tongue of her Serbian/Croatian actors. The plan was to release the English-language version in the U.S. in an effort to make the tough-sell movie more accessible, but FilmDistrict announced today that at Jolie’s behest, the native-language version will debut in U.S. theaters instead (with subtitles, naturally). The movie is set to come out on December 23, which will give Jolie a few weeks more to devise new ways to confuse and discourage her obsessive Us Weekly audience from attending. We recommend going black-and-white!

Angelina Jolie Switches Blood and Honey Language