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Being Flynn Trailer: Robert De Niro and Paul Dano Meet in Suck City

Though a “Being XYZ” title has historically been indicative of an enjoyable movie experience (See: John Malkovich, Elmo), it’s hard not to be disappointed when comparing “Being Flynn” with the title of its source material, Nick Flynn’s Another Bullshit Night in Suck City. But “Suck City,” at least in practice, is certainly present in the trailer for Paul Weitz’s adaptation: Everyone onboard looks grimy and miserable, especially Paul Dano, who deploys that “Never Gonna Be a Fighter Pilot” panic face at least three times in the trailer. Robert De Niro, as the absentee father reunited with his son at a homeless shelter, gets to have a little fun with an Uncle Sam costume and some delusional aphorisms, and the result is certainly more promising than the last Weitz-De Niro team effort (see: Little Fockers). Still, can anyone think about anything besides Robert De Niro’s neck muscles right now? Look at those terrifying neck muscles!

Being Flynn Trailer: Robert De Niro Lives in Suck City