‘I Was Here’ Video: Beyoncé As a Kid, Beyoncé As a Star, Beyoncé … in Her Wedding Dress!

The biggest takeaway from the just-released “I Was Here” video, an outtake from Bey’s upcoming Live at Roseland DVD, is that it features approximately one and a half seconds of footage from Beyoncé’s very private 2008 wedding to Jay-Z. (Or maybe it’s from a fitting. We don’t really know; we just know that Bey is wearing a billowing white gown and that she looks very happy. It is enough for us.) Beyoncé in her wedding dress! Beyoncé in her wedding dress. Beyonce in her wedding dress! For certain people, this will be the second most exciting day of 2011, topped only by the VMAs announcement of one Babyoncé. That mike-dropping moment is also included in “I Was Here,” a home-video tribute to all things Bey, meaning clips of Beyoncé as a kid, Beyoncé with Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé hanging with a bunch of famous people (Oprah! the Obamas! her husband!), and Beyoncé engaging in a number of water sports. Don’t miss that water slide toward the end — it looks awesome.

Beyoncé’s ‘I Was Here’ Video: See Her Wedding Dress!