Brian Grazer to Replace Brett Ratner as Oscars Producer, Is Trying to Get Eddie Murphy Back

Producer/haircut Brian Grazer has stepped in to replace bearded bro-child Brett Ratner as producer of the Oscars. Ratner had stepped down from the job after speaking the way he normally speaks to friends about gay people and women, but this time did it in front of cameras and microphones. Duh, Brett! That’s basic PR stuff: always pretend to not be as gross as you are when microphones are around.

Yesterday, Eddie Murphy also dropped out of hosting the awards, although Grazer is reportedly trying hard to get him back on board. Ratner directed Murphy in Tower Heist, a movie Grazer produced. Whatever happens, we’ve just gotta make sure whoever is doing this had something to do with Tower Heist! Is Matthew Broderick available to run lights? Does anyone have his number?

Brian Grazer to Replace Brett Ratner as Oscars […]