Ashton Kutcher’s Jo Pa Tweet Was the Final Straw for Demi Moore

Happier times. (Theo Wargo/WireImage via Getty Images) Photo: Theo Wargo/2011 WireImage

After the bombshell, though not entirely unexpected, news this week that Demi Moore is filing for divorce from her younger (and straying) husband, Ashton Kutcher, it has now come to light that what sealed the deal was Kutcher’s much-maligned tweet that firing Penn State’s Joe Paterno was in “poor taste.” A source on the set of Two and a Half Men, where Ashton is the tepidly acclaimed Charlie Sheen substitute, told Hollywood Life:

It looked as if things were progressing, and then of all things when Ashton messed up on Twitter,” our source says. “It was another thing to get Demi upset. She believed he really didn’t care about the details of things and the embarrassment of that reminded her of the embarrassment he caused her with the cheating. It basically opened the can of worms again resulting in Demi finally deciding to take on the divorce.

Ashton’s Jo Pa Tweet Was Too Much for Demi