Flight of the Conchords Movie Might Actually Happen

“We’re going to try and do a movie,” said Bret McKenzie, one-half of comedy and funk duo Flight of the Conchords, whose HBO show died two years ago. “We just need a story.”

In most cases, a lack of a story would be a tremendous obstacle, but the Conchords’ appeal was the goofy, endearing cast that included McKenzie, Jemaine Clement, Kristen Schaal and Rhys Darby. Oh, to get them all back together.

McKenzie shared the news of a possible movie with a reporter at a Muppets Movie showing; the New Zealand native served as music supervisor on Muppets and contributed to several songs, including Life’s a Happy Song.

McKenzie said he’s seeking ideas for the movie, which means, yes, it’s business time. Watch the interview.

Flight of the Conchords Movie Might Happen