How Can We Save Community?

After the HEART-SHATTERING news that Community won’t be coming back to NBC at midseason, fans have already rallied around the show. This online petition already has over 20 thousand signatures and #SixSeasonsAndAMovie is all over Twitter like the Dean on a sparkly costume. But perhaps we need to do something NBC can’t ignore, in the spirit of past grassroots campaigns to save Chuck, Roswell and Star Trek. Here are some ways you can make a difference today:

- Send NBC pressurized paintballs that explode when you open them. (Explode with paint, mind you. We advocate non-violent solutions to oppression.)

- Grow starburns.

- Publish a revolutionary underground ‘zine called Dean Magazine.

- Occupy NBC’s offices with a filibuster composed of assorted Winger speeches.

- Send NBC DVDs of Lost, the universal symbol for lack of payoff (as established in the claymation episode).

- Hire an actor to portray a shadowy figure named Executive Executiverson and have him infiltrate NBC and convince them to reverse this decision.

- Fly the Greendale Anus Flag proudly outside your domicile.

- Let loose a hundred monkeys in 30 Rockefeller that will only respond to “Annie’s Boobs.”

Any other ideas?

How Can We Save Community?