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The Hunger Games Trailer: Fight to the Death, Kids

On Friday, the fourth of five Twilight movies hits theaters — the beginning of the end, effectively, for the wildly successful teenage vampire film franchise. But just this morning, in anticipation of the Twilight-size hole in your heart, a brand-new YA-novel-based movie series made its official debut on Good Morning America. The full Hunger Games trailer, everyone! It’s here, and it’s intense. See the sad children of District 12, raising their limp arms in salute to Katniss. See Jennifer Lawrence, screaming as she’s led off by the secret police. See Elizabeth Banks, looking truly nutso in a hot pink new-Renaissance getup that makes up for the otherwise underwhelming Capitol scenes (presumably some of the effects have yet to be added in). The trailer doesn’t spend much time on the love triangle, so no read on how the Gale-Peeta-Katniss chemistry is working out, but really, when Katniss gets launched into the arena, do you even care?! This looks genuinely awesome. Vulture is now officially in countdown mode until March.

The Hunger Games Trailer: Fight to the Death