Jason Segel Leads a Tour Through His Lovable Filmography

Fresh off SNL, Jason Segel continues effortlessly riding the gale-force winds of The Muppets promotion by taking us through his past roles. He even reveals the true goals behind Judd Apatow’s movie making career:

[Undeclared] was really good, and they canceled it the same way they’d canceled Freaks and Geeks, so that was the moment when Judd was like, “All right, watch this: I’m single-handedly going to make all these people movie stars. You think you’re so smart, network? Watch what I’m about to do.” And from that show being canceled, Judd went on a Count of Monte Cristo-style revenge mission to make every one of us famous. It’s not even that we’re that talented — it’s that Judd wanted to give everyone the finger.

Mission accomplished, Apatow. Oh, by the way, this interview is going to make you fall in love with Jason Segel. It’s like an arrow tinged with fatal love potion automatically gets shot from Cupid’s bow right into your sappy li’l heart as soon as he starts talking about The Muppets. Be warned.

Jason Segel Leads a Tour Through His Lovable […]