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Last Night on Late Night: Betty White Will Name Her Lovers

Last night on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Betty White, inspired by the preceding Herman Cain segment, exclaimed she’s going to start naming her past paramours. Oh, but no, she cain’t. Two months shy of her 90th birthday, she can’t recollect all of them: “I remember the where, but who was that?” Plus: Jimmy Kimmel proved to be weaker than Shaq’s tiny girlfriend, Hoopz of Flavor of Love fame — she was able to give Shaq an easy piggyback ride, and in heels, too; Angela Kinsey wore her fake butt off the set of The Office, thoroughly enjoying her Kardashian moment until her daughter outed her; and Kathy Bates divulged the secret behind her nickname Bobo: It has to do with her “bombastic boobs.” Watch our compilation to see what you missed. 

Last Night on Late Night: Jon Stewart’s Herman Cain Bit Inspired Betty White to Name Her Lovers