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Feist’s and Joanna Newsom’s Muppets Songs Will Cheer You Right Up

The above headline is written under the assumption that you are suffering from a Monday- or Drake-related malaise, but regardless of your current emotional state: new Muppets songs! With beloved singer-songwriters! Are you not happier than you were two minutes ago?

The Muppets soundtrack (not to be confused with The Green Album, a tribute record featuring covers from Weezer, Andrew Bird, and My Morning Jacket, among others) packs a number of celebrity cameos, and here are the first two: Joanna Newsom’s brief but delightful contribution to the new “Muppets Theme Song,” and “Life Is a Happy Song,” written by Flight of the Conchords’ Bret McKenzie and featuring Feist, Jason Segel, and Mickey Rooney, along with a new Muppet named Walter. The latter song, which has apparently been floating around unacknowledged for a little while, is unapologetically sunny, with goofy horns and multiple puppets singing about how is life is many foods (cake, pie, a leg of lamb); there are several key changes and a requisite off-key Jason Segel solo. It’s not exactly high-concept indie fare, but it is charming, knowingly kooky, and a promising taste of the movie to come.  (Unless you’re of the people who go to film festivals to see dark, depressing movies, in which case, stick with the Drake.)  Also, the track list reminds us that the movie will also feature chickens singing “Forget You.” How can you resist singing chickens?

The Muppets Sing With Feist and Joanna Newsom