‘One That Got Away’ Video: This Is How Katy Perry Will Look When She’s 70

Given the week’s events, you would be forgiven for thinking that “One That Got Away” is a tribute to Katy Perry’s former songwriter Dr. Luke, who abandoned poor Katy for a producing gig at another label. But no, Katy Perry has hunkier dudes on her mind — specifically Diego Luna, whom she recruited for her latest Teenage Dream video. Luna plays Katy’s titular long-lost boyfriend — we won’t spoil the ending, but it definitely involves a cliff — and he and Perry spend much of the video crashing dances, modeling various retro clothes, and taking adorable Polaroid photos of one other. (Diego also spends some time painting Katy like one of his French girls. It’s a little bit charming.) But the main focus of “One That Got Away” will obviously be the flash-forward scenes featuring Old, Weathered, Benjamin Button–like Katy Perry. This is what your pop stars will look like in 2050, everyone! Prepare yourselves.

‘One That Got Away’ Video: Meet Old Katy Perry