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Party Lines Slideshow: Emily Mortimer, Vera Farmiga, Sacha Baron Cohen, and More at the World Premiere of Hugo

Emily Mortimer Photo: Patrick McMullan

At the world premiere of Martin Scorsese’s kid-oriented fantasy film Hugo this week, Vulture caught up with Emily Mortimer (who plays a flower seller in the movie) for a whimsical little chat about childhood toys. Only as it turned out, her plaything memories are bittersweet: “I just have a memory of feeling very guilty about my toys,” she told us, “because I would leave them in the cupboard and not play with them, and watch television instead. Days would go by and I couldn’t even open the cupboard because I felt like I’d neglected them and they would feel so rejected and awful. And so this guilt became an enormous deal. It grew and grew and I could never play with them.” Thankfully (happy Thanksgiving!), her memories of watching herself in 3-D for the first time were more positive: “I sort of stopped worrying about watching myself, which is normally all that I can think about,” she said. “I just got so taken over by the film itself, that I didn’t mind that I was in a 20-foot screen in 3D. It was bearable.” For more talk about toys, 3-D, and other fun stuff, click through our slideshow.

Party Lines Slideshow: Emily Mortimer and More at the World Premiere of Hugo