Showing Students Daily Show Clips Got a Teacher Suspended

This might look like just a regular old Daily Show segment. But did you know that it’s also “inappropriate material with language and dealing with sex,” and that showing it to high school sophomores got a teacher suspended? Rhett Felix, a goverment and law teacher in the conservative city of Eureka, Illinois, was given a six-day suspension after parents complained about his choice to show clips and will be “reassigned” when he returns to school, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Seriously? Tenth graders can’t handle The Daily Show? They’re not even particularly offensive or controversial clips - Stewart’s pizza wordplay is practically charming in its non-sexualness. And he calls Mitt Romney a lucky “motherfudger.” Fudger! This is fudging ridiculous. Fudge.

Showing Students Daily Show Clips Got a Teacher […]