Showtime’s Upcoming Comedy Documentary Series Sounds Incredible

Hoo boy. You might as well just rip the entire page of January 26 out of your word-a-day calendar right now, because I know what you’ll be doing at 11pm that night. You’ll be watching the premiere of Showtime’s Inside Comedy, a ten-episode “comedy documentary series from Curb Your Enthusiasm’s David Steinberg and Steve Carell.” Yes, it sounded good when it was called Laughing Stock; it sounds even better now than it’s actually happening. Steinberg will interview Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Mel Brooks, Don Rickles, Jonathan Winters and Ellen DeGeneres about “their career-defining moments, personal struggles and the people who inspired them.”

You’re not salivating yet? Let me just find the list of other guests who’ll be appearing…Billy Crystal, Tim Conway, Carl Reiner, Garry Shandling, Martin Short, Robin Williams, Steven Wright, Larry David, Brad Garrett, Kathy Griffin, Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman and Carell. Yeah, no, you’re right. That isn’t a good list. This isn’t exciting at all. I’m definitely not peeing my pants right now.

Showtime’s Upcoming Comedy Documentary Series Sounds […]