Sometimes, Jay-Z Wishes Kanye Would Just Cool It With the Snares

Jay Z and Kanye West Photo: Patrick McMullan

A smiling Shawn Carter graces one of GQ’s Men of the Year covers this month, and accompanying the grin is a predictably endearing-slash-envy-inducing profile (Torrisi tables with no wait!) of the man himself. Some highlights: The father-to-be plans to change diapers himself (“Of course. One hundred percent.”) and Babyoncé will soon be cruising in the Maybach. Jay’s listening program for his future daughter will include his own music, starting at the beginning and working forwards, plus “a lot of other records … There’ll be Ready to Die, there’ll be Illmatic.” And then there’s this bit about the Watch the Throne recording process: “[Kanye] puts so much into everything, and he’s like, ‘You have to treat it like I treat it.’ It drives you crazy sometimes — like when you’ve put seventy-five versions of a snare on one song and he’s like, ‘No!’ and you’re like, ‘Come on, man.’” Jay and ‘Ye, bickering about beats. Ahhdorable.

Sometimes, Jay-Z Wishes Kanye Would Just Relax