The Rise and Fall of the Fake @JackNJillMovie Twitter Account

This weekend saw the release of the new Adam Sandler comedy Jack and Jill, Sandler’s cringe-inducing riff on Norbit that’s become one of the most critically-reviled films in years. On Friday, a group of comedians took to Twitter, creating a faux-official account for Jack and Jill under the name @JackNJillMovie, firing off a series of digs at the film disguised as a misguided and desperate promotional campaign. As Friday evening wore on and the collective behind the account posted hundreds of funny jokes at the expense of the movie, @JackNJillMovie had attracted several hundred followers and retweets from everyone from Aziz Ansari to Paul Scheer to TV critic Alan Sepinwall. For those wondering who was behind the Jack and Jill Twitter, comedian Jake Fogelnest, who was also responsible for a parody account for the show Studio 60, hinted heavily in his latest webcast that he and a group of his comedian friends were running the account.

The account was pulled from Twitter Friday evening, presumably because a studio executive got wind of it and complained, but the hilarious tweets live on. The @JackNJillMovie Twitter is just another example of a new way comedians can use Twitter to get laughs, managing to simultaneously satirize movie promotional campaigns and to turn one of the most unappealing comedies in recent years into something truly funny. In the wake of Jack and Jill’s stomach-turning box office success this weekend, it’s nice to know something good came out of Adam Sandler making this movie. Behold, some of @JackNJillMovie’s best Tweets:

The Rise and Fall of the Fake @JackNJillMovie Twitter […]