Theophilus London Expects to See Nude Pics of Himself Online Any Day Now

Theophilus London Photo: MICHAEL KNAPP

You’d think rapper Theophilus London would be more shaken up that someone broke into his Soho apartment and stole several Mac computers and an iPad, taking with them his digital music library and, it seems, a substantial cache of nude photos. Or, as London told the Post: “I have mad naked pictures on there of myself and, maybe, of other females.” But London says he’s “actually psyched” to see the photos leaked to the web, saying he has “nothing to hide.” Whether this is an allusion to his own generous proportions, or a sign of how well-adjusted he is, or part of a disturbing trend of rappers going full-frontal, we don’t care to speculate. In the meantime, London has installed four extra locks on his apartment door and, we hope, decided to keep his alfresco self-portrait collection on an encrypted hard drive out of burglars’ reach.

Theophilus London’s Nude Pics Stolen