Tom Waits Demonstrates the Right Way to Dance in an Abandoned Courtyard

It has been previously established, by his voice, various amusing quotes, and just general life practice, that Tom Waits is awesome. Few people will argue! But should you meet a naysayer, please direct them to the just-released “Satisfied” video, in which Mr. Waits holds a rockin’ solo dance party in a creepy patio area of some sort. The video calls to mind certain aspects of Thom Yorke’s oft-parodied “Lotus Flower” video — extreme arm-dancing, muted colors, bowler hats — but where Yorke seemed to be communing with some sort of higher being, Waits is straight busting moves. Our particular favorite is the “Moth in Training” flap, though his Jagger impression is priceless. And there’s also the part when he almost falls over, then catches himself with the bowler hat and is all, “I meant to do that. That’s where the dance takes me. [Starts twisting.]” Watch and learn, everyone. 

Tom Waits Throws an Awesome Dance Party