Trade Roundup: Pilots From Weeds, Happy Endings, and Everybody Loves Raymond Producers, Affion Crockett Canceled

Pilots, pilots, pilots. Weeds creator Jenji Kohan and Weeds writer David Holstein sold CBS a half-hour that’s supposed to be “Sliding Doors meets Seinfeld.” How amazing would it be if that was the entire pitch they gave CBS? And then Les Moonves or whoever was like, “…Sold.”

Happy Endings co-executive producer Gail Lerner sold ABC a show “about a young female therapist with an exclusively male client list who discovers that having too much information about what makes men tick can be complicated when she steps outside the office.” Yeah, you guessed it, it’s based on a book.

Fox bought a second pilot from Mike Royce, a former Everybody Loves Raymond exec producer. It’s about “a two-earner couple that tries to uncompromisingly ‘have it all’ and therefore is always compromising.” I’m trying not to be overdramatic about this, so I’ll just say that it sounds a moderate amount like a fair amount of other shows that have existed in the past.

In sadder news, Fox has canceled the sketch comedy series In the Flow With Affion Crockett after it didn’t do so well this summer. I guess they don’t need a show they described as “In Living Color-esque” when they have the real In Living Color.

Trade Roundup: Pilots From Weeds, Happy Endings, and […]