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Cartoon Tyler, the Creator and Childish Gambino Learn the Power of Poetry

Odd Future’s Tyler and Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover made their debut on Cartoon Network’s Regular Show last night as members of a rap crew called … CrewCrew. (Tyler: “DAT BE LIKE MY SECOND FAVORITE SHOW AFTER THE ADVENCHA TYMEZ.” Noted.) The dudes played animated versions of themselves, basically, and showed up to challenge the show’s main characters — an old man with a balloon bubble head, a raccoon*, and a beat-boxing blue jay — to a rap battle. As you might guess from the headline, they did not win! But how could two swagtastic young rappers possibly lose out to an olde-poetry-spitting bobblehead? Because they don’t rap from the heart. Also, they lack a sufficient respect for the wonder of nature, and they weren’t allowed to say dick or fuck. (Tyler again: “THAT WAS AWKWARD RAPPING WITHOUT SAYING FUCK.”) But the moral here is that feelings are good, and they can make your opponent’s head explode when deployed properly. Watch as Tyler and Donald learn this the hard way. Drake approves!

* This post has been updated to reflect that Rigby is a raccoon, not a squirrel.  We have also been informed that the balloon-head character (Benson) is really a living gumball machine.  As far as Vulture can tell, Mordecai actually is a blue jay.

Tyler, the Creator and Childish Gambino Make Their Cartoon Debut